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Electrolysis in Toronto

Works for all skin types and hair colors!

Electrolysis is a permanent & safe method for hair removal. The electrolysis procedure utilizes a probe that directs electric energy to the hair follicle one follicle at a time. This energy destroys the hair follicle preventing the hair from growing back. Electrolysis works on every hair color and skin type and provides permanent hair removal.

PURE offers Electrolysis as an alternative tolaser hair removal. Laser hair removal may not be appropriate for certain individuals, such as those with white or gray hair or extremely dark skin. Electrolysis traditionally requires longer and more numerous sessions.


Electrolysis involves going after each individual hair one by one through inserting an extremely fine needle straight into each and every hair follicle. A small amount of electric current is then delivered to the probe by a sensitive electronic device called an epilator. Depending on the technique used, the electric current destroys the hair root either by heat or chemical action and in some methods by both at the same time.

It will be necessary to make several visits to the electrologist to remove all hair. This is because hairs grow in cycles and on one visit there may be as many as 20% of the hair follicles dormant and not producing hair. If no hair is visible then the electrologist will not know that it is necessary to treat the follicle. On subsequent visits it is likely that the hair follicle will start to produce hair again and this can be seen and dealt with by the electrologist.

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